The Beautiful Game
Monday, July 05, 2004
Greece Champions of Europe

Yes, it’s true. Greece are European champions. I, like every other pundit, had written off their chances of winning initially, but the Greeks displayed that they are no fluke. Their success was totally deserved. They gave Europe a warning call in the qualifiying campaign, yet no one heeded the warning. They snatched a certain victory away from Spain, ousted holding champions, France, disposed of a very good, Czech team, and beat hosts Portugal two times on their way to European glory. Let’s not kid ourselves their football was nothing to marvel at. I personally thought that it was ugly, boring, and uninventive. Their technique was not one of creation, but rather that of destruction. They destroyed their opponents, they did not allow them to play, and for that reason they beat some of the teams with most flair. It was not beautiful game, but effective game, and in the end what matters in the final score. Congratulations Greece on a hard fought title.

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